MaxEffort TM Methanol/Alcohol Injection System



There are many alcohol kits available, but if you are serious about
reliability and repeatability it is advisable to use a regulated
system with a return line with at least 3 nozzles for a better
spray pattern. A Methanol/Alcohol Injection Kit similar to mine offered by Joe Tripodi ,will be compatible with the MaxEffort in the respect that upon sensing knock, it optionally will turn on another nozzle along with the "Fuel out" capability that allows you to run way oversize alcohol jets and trim the fuel back as far as you want.
 Also, testing has shown that a deadheaded non return line system does have its place, but when you pump 2 times as much alcohol into your motor as you do gas, you better have the regulated system for reliability. Deadheaded pumps sometimes groan when they are hot and have to start against boost therefore they don't
come up to speed all the way. The pump associated with a regulated system runs all the time, and has a base pressure of 40 pounds which climbs with boost.
 If you use straight methanol to replace gasoline, then
use VP brand with their oil. If you use rubbing alcohol, then do not use any oil. You will observe some people running high timing with alcohol and pump gas, my advice is to keep the timing at 18 degrees and back the car off the "edge" a little.
  Experience also shows that you MUST totally rely on the knock sensor with alcohol and pump gas, forget EGT and 02. Knock can be unpredictable. If the motor gives out false knock, then either run straight race fuel or don't get on it. The folks that argue this point will probably never see 30,000 miles on their motor, and realistically, probably not even 20,000. I have been doing this since 85 and have made the same mistakes that I see going on now.
The motor I have now has 120,000 miles on it with a TA63 turbo, and has never had the valve covers off. Follow the rules. Spend the extra bucks for the regulated system, rely on the KR sensor, keep
the timing down, and back it away from the "edge" a little.  

There are some exceptions to the above rules. Guys that run the
higher rpm cams MAY make less cylinder pressure, but because the frequency of events occur more often, they end up making more horsepower. This, combined with smooth polished heads, let some guys get away with murder with excessive spark advance and a deadheaded system. The stocker the cam and the cruder the heads, (crude heads can provide hot spots in the combustion chamber) the more you have to watch the detonation. It is just not going to be predictable vs EGT with pump gas.

Below are some pictures of the MaxEffort Methanol/Alcohol Injection System.
*** The two nozzles on top are water/alcohol in the up pipe from the
intercooler. At the base of the up pipe, on the pulley side, there is a methanol nozzle that triggers upon detonation. Located below the MAF, in the top of the intercooler side tank, are two methanol nozzles side by side mounted on the horizontal plane. All nozzles are pointed into the flow of air. ***





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16 position

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