MaxEffort  TM

Digital Programmable Fuel Management 

Powers the following vehicles:

This street driven 11 second Turbo Regal below converted to GN status is owned by myself, Steve Yaklin, programmer of the MaxEffort 8 and 16 position digital programmable fuel management software. Bone stock engine with a John Craig of Limit Engineering, stock appearing TA-63 with 63mm compressor wheel and the largest exhaust impeller that could fit in the housing making 26 pounds of boost. Fuel is supplied by 83 pound Siemens injectors with 16 position MaxEffort and race modified MAF with no screens or venturi, a 3" downpipe and an Art Carr 3200 stall  9" converter along with a beefed up 200R4 transmission by Rich Cook of Burton Michigan.

The trick to running 26 PSI on the street with 94 octane pump gas is the MaxEffort Methanol/Alcohol injection system.

This car is set up such that anybody's mom, with a trunk load of grocerys, and a kid hanging out of every window, could turn 11.90's from a stop sign. Both hands on the wheel, in overdrive, no building boost at the line---- Just mat it.

This street driven 9.90's@137mph GN below belongs to Jeff Harrington of Flushing, Michigan. Equipped with a 274" stage II, Erson 214 cam, Precision front mount IC, M&A heads, a John Craig TC 45  4" turbo with a 69 compressor wheel, stock headers and a Rich Cook 200R4 transmission. It utilizes 83 LB injectors with a 16 position MaxEffort chip with a partial mass air sensor bypass.

The GN below is one I purchased in 1986. It runs a MaxEffort 8 position set up for racing fuel, and a venturiless MAF. It has the stock pistons and stock cam with 82.5 LBs of seat pressure. Other bolt on's include: a John Craig TE62 turbo, ported heads by Dennis Droomer of Burton, Michigan, staked heads by Jeff Harrington of Flushing, Michigan using stock headbolts, and one steel shim headgasket. It has a watercooled stretch intercooler, 55 pound Siemens injectors, a Rich Cook 200R4, twin deltagates and is expected to run high 10's, which is as fast as I care to go.

Pictured below is the "Butang", owned by Dennis Cooper, and Jason DeStafney, of G.N.S. Performance, Bear Deleware. This mustang is equipped with a 3.8 turbo V6, and has run 10.22@133mph with a MaxEffort 16 position, 70mm throttle body, TE 62 turbo by Harry Hruska, stock type lockup converter, 42 pound injectors with a 7th, and 3" exhaust.

Pictured below. Jeffrey Harrington of Flushing Michigan and his stock engine, never had the valve covers off, 87 TType. It does have a John Craig TE 44 turbo, 42 pound injectors, Delta Gate on the crossover pipe, big neck on the stock intercooler, 3" downpipe with stock exhaust, K&N filter, and an 8 position MaxEffort with 22 degrees. For what is done to it, it really runs good. Consistant 11.90's at 116 to 118 MPH.  Good going Jeff!


This 87 GN below belongs to Dorsey Wilson, of Winchester Kentucky. It uses an 8 position MaxEffort, set up for pump gas, and alcohol, with the "fuel out" option, and 18 degrees of spark advance with the no venturi MAF. Consistantly an 11 second ride. It currently has the following mods: TA 49 turbo, 009 injectors, Terry Houston downpipe, Hooker 2 1/2" exhaust, high pressure Methanol/Alcohol injection system, 210-205 GS club cam, BGC 23 row stock location IC. Being added is a 9" Art Carr convertor, Hemco plenum and a T63E turbo from Harry Hruska. This car is tough to beat on the street because it repeats consistantly and can run off an 11 in overdrive, on pump gas.

Below is Joe Tripodi's  87 Limited-T using a MaxEffort 8 position custom thumbwheel with
fuel out, MAF lock, knock nozzle enable, and variable timing 18,20,22,24,26,28,34 degrees.
It has run a best of 12.29et on Comp TA 235-60-15" street tires at 110.17mph -- 1.73sec 60' It has a Stock unopened motor, a stock tranny, a stock turbo, & stock injectors, with some mods including a modified neck stock intercooler, Jay Jackson 62mm throttle body, ATR 7th injector, his own Dual Deadhead Methanol/Alcohol Injection kit(pictured), 3" ActionFab downpipe with dump, southside lift bars, 2800 stall convertor, and hot wired Walbro 307 fuel pump.  





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