MaxEffort  TM digital programmable fuel management   TROUBLESHOOTING
When installing the device, always unhook the orange wire behind the battery. When resetting the device, unhook the orange wire for 10 seconds, then reconnect it to insure that it does reset properly.
1. First time start up, service engine light, (on solid). Usually, you need to go back under the hood and hook up the MAF and/or the air temp sensor.
2. Fast flashing service engine light, key on. Turn the key off, unhook the orange wire by the battery, unplug unit from computer, and use a pencil eraser on the pins underneath, then reinstall. Observe the wiring and check for a pin bent over.
3. Car runs extremely rich. Check MAF and make sure the screens are removed. Check the fuel pressure.
4. Idle fluctuates up and down. Go to tuning tips section TPS/IAC and set up throttle plate and TPS. Also, check Idle fuel, it may be too lean.
5. Can't get enough fuel at WOT on the richest setting. If you are sure the injectors are large enough for the application, check fuel pressure at WOT in 3rd gear and make sure it rises 1 pound for every pound of boost, or close. If the fuel pressure does not follow boost, check or change fuel filter, and check the fuel pump.
6. Car stumbles when put into gear.
  Try adding some idle fuel. Check IAC/TPS.
7. Car stalls after started when cold.
  Add Cold Start fuel.
8. Car has a hesitation when cold. This is purposely set up to do this to signal the operator that the motor is still not up to operating temperature, so the driver should take it easy until fully warmed up.
9. Scan tool reads erroneous trouble code and other erroneous data. Scanmaster logic will cause several functions to read wrong on Turbolink, and other standard scan tools.
10. Direct Scan causes the car to malfunction. Remove the cable and clean off the connector, then reinstall connector, and pull it back a little from being fully seated on the board.
11. Values won't move in programming mode. Check P/N switch, might still be showing in P or N when in gear.
12. Programmed values will go up, but with air on they wont go down.
  Must be low pressure on air conditioning. Unplug compressor and then go to passenger side, under hood pressure switch on AC tank, unplug it and put a jumper wire across the 2 wires.
13. Car will not start, no service engine light when key is turned on.
  Hook up the orange power wire by battery.

14. Car won't start, service engine light does come on with the key on. Take it off TW position #0; the no start setting.





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16 position

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